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Generative AI: Revolutionizing Today, Imagining Tomorrow

Delve deep into the transformative world of Generative AI in this enlightening panel discussion. Spanning the rich tapestry of academia to real-world applications in national and local industries, our distinguished panelists will shed light on current practices, novel innovations, and the future horizons of Generative AI. From the integration of this groundbreaking technology in sectors like healthcare and construction to its evolving academic research, join us for a comprehensive journey into the heart of AI's generative revolution. Witness firsthand the synthesis of theoretical insights with hands-on expertise, as we explore what the future holds for this dynamic field.


1. Matthew Turk, President, Toyota Technical Institute at Chicago. Former chair of Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara.

2. Sushil Bharati, Senior Machine Learning engineer at Teladoc Health, working on the application of next-generation Generative AI Large Language Models for Healthcare.

3. Phil Carpenter, CMO Alice Technologies


Marco Pinter, Computational artist, CEO of MindClay, Founder of Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences, Ventech board member

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